Need to be Physically Fit

Hubby got a call from his previous employer about a work opportunity probably next year. He was a bit excited but at the same time had second thoughts because he was thinking about his health. If he will be back for work, he will have to experience waking up very early in the morning, staying long hours under the heat of the sun and many other stressful situation. With all these thoughts in his mind, he planned to prepare himself for the work next year… that begins with a physically fit body.

My Journey to a Healthy Life

I have been planning to create a health blog and thankfully one blogger friend gave me this domain for free. Now I can start writing my journey in living a healthy lifestyle. My journey to living a healthy life would include living healthy includes the whole aspect of my life. It includes my physical, emotional and spiritual aspects and I am excited of sharing my thoughts with you. I hope I will have lots of thoughts to share as I begin to journal my healthy experiences with you. Hope every post that I will write in here will be an encouragement to everyone of you.